Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mother can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. However, many mothers feel frustration when trying to regain their pre-pregnancy figure with diet and exercise alone. Our experienced plastic surgeons offer custom-tailored Mommy Makeover treatments designed to address the common aesthetic concerns and bodily changes that can manifest during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and in the years of raising children. These concerns may include:

  • Sagginess or “droopiness” of the breasts
  • Lost breast volume
  • Stretched or torn abdominal muscles
  • Excess skin and fat around the abdomen
  • Stretch marks
  • Stubborn isolated fat deposits
  • Facial wrinkles and creases

A Mommy Makeover can provide our patients at New York Plastic Surgical Group with the opportunity to effectively rejuvenate their bodies and reverse many of the changes that accompany pregnancy and breastfeeding. The term “Mommy Makeover” refers to a series of treatments and surgeries to address your unique concerns and desires. A Mommy Makeover can give you a way to renew your confidence and achieve a more fit and youthful appearance.

For more information about Mommy Makeovers, or to learn how one of our surgeons can design a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals, please contact our office today.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

Since each individual will have different cosmetic concerns and needs, the specific details of a Mommy Makeover procedure will vary from patient to patient. During the consultation process, one of our plastic surgeons will carefully listen to your goals and design a treatment plan that can meet your expectations. Procedures that can be part of a Mommy Makeover include:

Depending upon the surgical plan and your unique needs, a Mommy Makeover can be performed all at once or spread out across multiple appointments and performed in stages.

Mommy Makeover Recovery and Results

The details and duration of a Mommy Makeover recovery will vary depending upon the types of procedures that are performed. You will receive full recovery details once a treatment plan has been created during your pre-operative consultation. In many cases, patients are able to return to work and their normal daily activities after one to three weeks. Our plastic surgeon will usually recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for up to six weeks.

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