Breast Implants Natural AppearanceThe placement of your breast implants is one of the many decisions that will contribute to your final breast augmentation results. Whether above or below the chest muscle will depend upon your aesthetic goals and unique body structure. To achieve the most natural-looking results, one of our experienced plastic surgeons will help advise you on what can provide the best possible outcome.

In general, breast implants placed underneath the muscle can typically provide a more natural enhancement. This technique is especially beneficial for patients with limited breast tissue or thinner breast skin. By having the extra layer of tissue, the implant is better concealed, creating a more natural slope to the breast and minimal detection of potential rippling.

Patients who tend to be better candidates for over-the-muscle implant placement are those with adequate breast tissue and skin thickness. This option often provides a more comfortable recovery process, as there is less trauma to the area. 

Ultimately, the technique that can provide you with the most natural-looking outcome will be recommended at the time of your consultation. Your surgeon will conduct a physical examination and discuss your surgical goals with you, which can help them determine the best possible method for your procedure.