Men with gynecomastia are experiencing a condition in which the chest has an excess of fat, skin, and/or glandular breast tissue. With the resulting “enlargement” of the breasts, gynecomastia can produce feelings of pronounced self-consciousness and a low self-esteem.

While the exact cause of gynecomastia is still unknown, doctors have observed a number of shared characteristics among men with this condition. Some of the factors that may possibly contribute to the development of gynecomastia include: irregular hormone production, certain prescription medications (particularly those that contain estrogen); puberty; liver function irregularities; the use of marijuana; obesity; the use of anabolic steroids; and conditions such as Gilbert’s Syndrome and Klinefelter Syndrome.

Male breast reduction surgery is a procedure designed to eliminate the excess fat, skin, and/or glandular breast tissue that marks this condition. Using incisions that are carefully placed within the armpit or the edge of the areola, our plastic surgeons at New York Plastic Surgical Group can excise redundant tissues and re-contour the chest to provide a flatter appearance. To learn more about gynecomastia and male breast reduction, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.