Breast Reduction

Women with overly large breasts can experience frequent back pain, neck and shoulder pain, irritation from bra straps, and even difficulty wearing certain types of clothing. Breast reduction surgery is designed to alleviate this discomfort and help you reduce self-consciousness about your appearance. Our plastic surgeons can perform breast reduction surgery to create beautifully-shaped breasts that are more proportionate and comfortable for your body frame. Many of our patients at New York Plastic Surgical Group report that breast reduction surgery has successfully eliminated the burden they felt with overly large breasts and that they now enjoy an improved overall quality of life.

Some of our male patients also seek out breast reduction surgery to treat gynecomastia—a common condition in which the breasts become enlarged. For individuals affected by gynecomastia, breast reduction surgery can create a flatter chest by eliminating excess fat, skin, or glandular tissue. Afterward, many men feel more comfortable wearing slimmer clothing or being in social settings such as the pool or beach.

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Breast Reduction Procedure

During the consultation process, you can discuss your individual concerns and aspirations for your breast reduction with our plastic surgeon. After carefully listening to your goals, our surgeon will then develop a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to meet your expectations. Breast reduction surgery typically begins with an anchor-shaped incision that extends from the nipple and areola to the crease beneath the breast. After removing any excess breast tissue, fat, and skin, the remaining skin is tightened and the breast, areola, and nipple are repositioned. In some cases, liposuction can be used to reduce the volume of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis – typically under general anesthesia – and can take between two to four hours to compete.

Breast Reduction Recovery and Results

Breast reduction patients will likely experience some swelling and bruising after surgery; however, any post-operative discomfort can be alleviated with medication. During surgery, our surgeons use techniques that can reduce tissue trauma and minimize residual scarring. After surgery, you will be fitted with a temporary surgical bra to aid in the healing process and help optimize your results. Patients usually return to work and their normal daily activities after two weeks, though breast reduction surgery patients are advised to avoid strenuous exercise for at least three to four weeks.

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