Can I Afford a Facelift?

As one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedures available, facelift surgery is a goal for many women and men. This innovative treatment can smooth deep folds, elevate descending tissues, and achieve a more youthful appearance with natural-looking results. One of the many questions our skilled plastic surgeons often hear ... Continue Reading

What Will My Facelift Scars Look Like?

The purpose of cosmetic enhancement is to improve one’s appearance, so it’s natural for patients to be interested in how their facelift scars will look once healed. At New York Plastic Surgical Group, our goal is to provide natural-looking results without obvious signs of treatment. As part of that objective, ... Continue Reading

Is it Possible to Get a Facelift Without Surgery?

A facelift is designed to smooth loose or sagging facial skin while tightening the underlying musculature for a more toned and youthful appearance. Though a very effective method of facial rejuvenation, not all patients want – or need – facelift surgery to achieve their goals. With a thorough understanding of ... Continue Reading

What Age Is Best for a Facelift?

A facelift is designed to reverse the effects of the natural aging process by lifting loose or lax facial skin, muscles, or fat. Since each person will experience facial aging at a different rate, there is no one age that is best for the procedure. There is also no age ... Continue Reading