Should I Choose KYBELLA or Liposuction to Treat a Double Chin?

One of the most common concerns men and women experience is excess fatty tissue on the chin and neck area, commonly called a “double chin.” To address this issue, many patients have turned to liposuction. But with KYBELLA™ now available, many wonder which cosmetic option is the best choice for ... Continue Reading

Liposuction for Men

Men are just as susceptible as women to the fat accumulation that typically occurs as we age. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this excess fat often stubbornly remains. With liposuction, men can achieve the slimming results women have been enjoying for decades. Though the basics of liposuction ... Continue Reading

How Many Areas Can You Treat in One Liposuction Session?

Liposuction can successfully eliminate excess fat from a number of body areas, including the hips, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, arms, knees, and chin. Consequently, many patients often ask our board-certified plastic surgeons how many areas they can simultaneously treat to achieve a slimmer figure. While there is no one correct answer ... Continue Reading

Is Liposuction Permanent?

During the liposuction procedure, excess fat cells are targeted and permanently removed from the body at the surgical site. While permanent removal is certainly a benefit, patients should remember that liposuction is not intended for dramatic weight loss. Our board-certified plastic surgeons recommend that liposuction candidates be at or near ... Continue Reading