Lip Enhancement

Full lips with defined contours can create a more voluptuous and youthful appearance. Many of our patients at New York Plastic Surgical Group have attained their goal of fuller, more supple lips using injectable treatments. We offer a number of different injectable options that can achieve long-lasting and natural looking lip enhancement. At NYPSG, only our experienced plastic surgeons administer lip enhancement injections. They take the time to listen to your unique expectations during the consultation process and create a treatment plan designed to meet your goals.

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Lip Enhancement Options

To increase lip volume and improve existing contours, dermal fillers or fat grafting can effectively enhance the appearance of the lips for a sensual, youthful look. In addition to achieving other facial rejuvenation goals, Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® are two popular dermal fillers that are often used for lip enhancement. If your plastic surgeon recommends fat injections to optimize the outcome of your treatment, excess fat cells will be taken from one area of your body and then refined and purified before being injected into the lips to create beautiful, natural-looking results.

The lip enhancement procedure usually takes approximately thirty minutes to complete and most patients return to work or their normal daily activities immediately. An ultra-fine needle is used for lip augmentation injections to help ensure precision and natural-looking outcomes. To improve your comfort during the procedure, your plastic surgeon can use a local anesthetic in the treatment areas. Some patients experience mild swelling or bruising after their lip enhancement, though these side effects typically dissipate quickly. The results of your lip enhancement are often instantaneous, and depending upon the technique used by your plastic surgeon, results can last from three to twelve months. Follow-up treatments can be used to maintain the effects.

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