Breast augmentation is and has been one of the most popular aesthetic procedures year after year. Millions of women around the world have received this surgery and been pleased with the results. That said, all surgery carries some risk. The best way to reduce that risk is to choose a board certified and extensively trained plastic surgeon with a long history of performing breast enhancement surgery.

Part of the traditional breast augmentation procedure involves placing breast implants, which is done to enhance the size, shape, and volume of the breasts. Some people worry that implants could potentially have a deleterious effect on one’s health. At our practice, we use only FDA-approved saline and silicone breast implants made with the highest-quality materials designed to provide lasting and natural-looking results.

For a period of time in the 1990s, the FDA removed silicone breast implants from the market to test if these items could affect women’s health. Studies showed there was no cause for fear; however, manufacturers opted to upgrade and improve the implants before re-releasing them. Now silicone implants are some of the most popular options used today.

It is important to understand that breast augmentation is not risk-free. You should carefully consider the potential for long-term effects before making your final decision, and you should select a qualified breast surgeon like one of our extensively trained physicians. Our medical team will go over all the details, including potential complications, with you during your initial consultation. They can help you become well-informed about your options so you can make the choice that best suits you.