Cosmetic preferences change over time, particularly from decade to decade. This can include tastes in makeup, fashion, and physical appearance. In some years, large, voluminous hourglass shapes become more popular and then a few years later the majority may favor smaller, more petite figures. Currently, the preferred look is trending towards a smaller breast shape and profile to achieve the most natural-looking outcome possible.

Some of the reasons women may be opting for smaller breast implants are the growing demands of work and recreation. Active jobs, demanding fitness regimens, and energetic lifestyles are often better-suited to a balanced and athletic-looking physique rather than one with a larger, bustier appearance. Additionally, some women may simply be looking to regain the fullness of their youth after having children or when the natural process of aging alters the volume of their breasts. This can often be achieved with breast augmentation using small breast implants.

Breast size preferences can still range dramatically, and what works for one woman may not be right for you. Different sized implants may look different depending on the frame size of the patient. To achieve the same cup size, a taller woman with a wider torso may need a larger implant as compared to a shorter patient with a smaller frame. Talk to us about your goals and considerations and we will help you find the ideal implant for your cosmetic tastes, body shape, and lifestyle.