One of the most common conditions women experience is breast asymmetry, where one breast is a different size and/or shape than the other. While some women address this issue with breast augmentation, using breast implants of different sizes or shapes to achieve greater symmetry, this approach is not right for everyone. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring about a better balance between the breasts.

If you’re bothered by overly large, heavy breasts, a breast reduction can help reduce overall size and minimize disparity between two sides. If this is not a concern, fat grafting may be suitable. This technique uses your own natural fatty tissue from another area of the body and transfers it into the breasts. The best results are obtained when only a small change in size is necessary, and our skilled surgeons can perform an evaluation to see if this may be an optimal method for you.

Differences in nipple size and shape can also be addressed with a surgical approach, and we can discuss your options during your initial consultation.

Don’t let uneven breasts affect your self-esteem or limit your comfort in or out of clothing. Our team of top plastic surgeons can help you regain confidence in your body and achieve a balanced and beautiful look.