One of the most common concerns men and women experience is excess fatty tissue on the chin and neck area, commonly called a “double chin.” To address this issue, many patients have turned to liposuction. But with KYBELLA now available, many wonder which cosmetic option is the best choice for them. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each technique can make it easier for you to select the procedure that offers the best chance to achieve your desired result.

KYBELLA is a non-surgical injectable that is designed to break down submental fat (the same type found under the chin). “Social” downtime is typically a day or two, and results develop gradually and can be very natural-looking. KYBELLA may address mild skin laxity, but more significant excess tissue may need to be trimmed through a neck lift to reduce the effect.

Liposuction also can be used to contour the chin, neck, and jawline with beautiful results. Downtime usually lasts about one week, with bruising and minor swelling common for an additional period. The effects can usually be seen quickly, depending on the extent and duration of swelling. The fat harvested from liposuction can be processed and used to rejuvenate other areas of the face with a technique called fat grafting, a benefit KYBELLA cannot provide.

One of the best ways to determine whether liposuction or KYBELLA is appropriate for your cosmetic goals is to speak with one of our experienced plastic surgeons. Talk to us today to learn more and to begin your aesthetic journey.