Pregnancy causes many changes to the body, some of which cannot be reversed with diet and exercise alone. Though the skin and muscles of the abdomen stretch to accommodate the pregnancy, they do not always return to their pre-pregnancy state afterward. In some cases, the abdominal muscles may even become torn during the process. This condition, called diastasis recti, is a common cosmetic concern for mothers working hard to regain a flat, toned stomach.

A tummy tuck procedure (abdominoplasty) can help women achieve a slimmer silhouette in two ways: eliminating excess skin and repairing the underlying abdominal muscles. Since torn abdominal muscles and excess skin are difficult, if not impossible, to resolve with even the most rigorous diet and exercise programs, a tummy tuck can be essential for treating diastasis recti. During the surgery, damaged muscles can be reattached and tightened while any excess skin is simultaneously removed, giving the stomach a firmer, smoother appearance. At this time, the plastic surgeon may also be able to address any hernias or stretch marks that may have developed during pregnancy or childbirth. Some patients may choose to combine a tummy tuck with a body sculpting procedure such as liposuction to further enhance the natural curves of the body.

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